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Baba Kush

Sound Healer who uses authentic Singing Bowls, Tingsha and Gongs that are handmade in Nepal by Master Gonpo in accordance with Tibetan traditions.

"I understand Spirituality and Yoga intuitively thanks to my great-grandmother who was a healer and my mentor from early childhood days."

Aleksandrs is passionate about sound and its healing properties since 2000’s. Early in life he began playing as a DJ at various events in California and Europe, and seeing so many happy people after every performance always amazed him.

Later in life he was introduced with Yoga & Spirituality, and eventually he found himself at a crossroads of Sound and Spirituality. In 2023 he took a trip to Nepal hoping to find talented craftsmen who would offer something unique for Sound Healing. After searching far and wide he was blessed to be introduced to Master Gonpo - a Buddhist Blacksmith that offers his services to Pullahari Monastery Monks. Now, thanks to Master Gonpo, Pullahari Monastery and Guru Lakhang Monastery that produces and blesses the Singing Bowls he uses in his sound healing sessions, you have the gift to enjoy this spiritual healing journey with him.

Through the healing sound of your Singing Bowls, Buddha’s Endless Love for this world will resonate”.

/Abbot Lama Koji of Pullahari Monastery

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