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The history of Buddas Manor

Budda Manor, formerly Heinrichson Manor (German:Heinrichsonshof) is a classicist-style wooden manor building.

During the Swedish Vidzeme period in 1682 Uhlenbrok manor was located in this place (Ullenbrockshof), from 1732 the manor belong to the Heinrichsons (Heinrichsohnhof). The building was once built on an artificial island, which is bounded on one side by a stream flowing into Marupīte, and on the other by an artificial moat. In 1766 it belong to the owner of Bieriņi Manor, Eberhard Berens von Rautenfeld, who leased the building to JG Zeiberlich for hotel purposes. At the end of the 19th century furnished apartments were availble for rent in the building, in 1928 the building was rebuilt.

The name Būdas manor first appeared on Riga maps after the First World War.

The building was renovated around 2008.

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