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DMT breathing and Soundhealing ceremony

For the first time in Riga

  • 3 h
  • 40 eiro
  • Pūķa zāle

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For the first time in Riga, the DMT breathing and Soundhealing ceremony! This unique, three-hour practice will allow you to: ✔️Get rid of stress and tension in the body. ✔️Relax the autonomic nervous system. ✔️Activate the pineal gland (third eye). ✔️Get rid of installations that block consciousness. ✔️Work through childhood traumas. ✔️Strengthen intuition. ✔️Feel connected to your Soul again, or as I call it: Return home! Hi my name is Mihails, Insta: @brodobroblog I have lived in the USA for the last 20 years and have attended more than a dozen Ayahuasca ceremonies. I have participated in a huge number of practices, and have been conducting retreats and DMT breathing ceremonies with sound healing for over 4 years now. The practice of my ceremonies has shown that deep immersion, thanks to breathing in combination with 432Hz singing bowls, gives great results! Despite all my plans, my heart told me that it was time to return to my homeland, Riga, and share my experience. What to bring: -Yoga mat (if available) -Blanket (especially for those who are cold) -pillow -Water ! Please no food and coffee 2 hours before ceremony. The ceremony takes about 2 - 3 hours.


  • Pūķa zāle

    Pampāļu iela 1, Zemgale Suburb, Riga, Latvia

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